💖 Dolly Wink 10 second eyelash tutorial 💖

💖 Dolly Wink 10 second eyelash tutorial 💖

10 second easy lash challenge!  Tutorial movie for false eyelash beginners 👍

Let's get started 😁

1. Complete eye makeup before application 

2. Apply glue on the base of the false eyelash  *be careful not to apply to much* 😥

3. Lift up your chin with your eye half closed 

4. Position the base of the false eyelash on the roof of your own lashes 

Center -Point Lash

*Press the center of the lash, then both sides, fix the lash angle upwards to make eyes look bigger 

Tail Point Lash 

*Lift the angle of the tail lash for cat eye effect, lower the angle for doe eye effect

*Press the lash at the angle you like and it's done. 

How to remove 👀

1. Remove eyelash gently from the lash end 

✅ Store it in the original casing to retain the eyelash curve. It can be reused again! 

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