Hadabisei All in One Mask

Hadabisei All in One Mask
Hadabiset All In One Face Mask Moisturizing / Fine 31's 
For smooth, glowing skin
All-in-one type plays four roles(Lotion + Moisturizer + Serum + Sheet mask) at once,
and you may complete your skin-care routine.
The close-fitting sheet feels soft on your skin.
Contains 31 sheets for easy daily use.
Fragrance free, colorant free, mineral oil free
*Translucency: Obtained from the moistness.

 # have a bit alcohol to keep (fresh) the mask for 31 days .


1 Cleanse your face thoroughly.
2 Open the flap (lid seal), and extract a single mask.
3 Spread the mask out, and apply it to your face, first by aligning it with your eyes, and then your mouth. (Be careful of liquids dripping.).
4 Leave the mask as is, then remove after five to ten minutes.
5 Rub any remaining serums into your face. Can be used every day based on the condition of your skin.
For those concerned with dry skin, apply emulsions and moisturizing creams after using the mask.
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