Kracie Epilat

Kracie Epilat

Unwanted hair of Asian women are less and thinner than those of
women in Western nations. Special formulation to best suited for Asian skin.

★Long- seller item with 33 years of history

- breaking the hair’s protein chains, making the hair disintegrate with chemical agent

- Easy application with special spatula! 

- Both apply and remove can be done 


- Epilate, pluck hair from hair roots.

- Although unlike permanent hair removal, hair will come out sonn, it has long-lasting hair removal effect.

- Long-lasting smoothness with up to 4 weeks

Caution :
・Prohibited are of usage
   1)other than arms, legs, armpit

   2) Face  (including eyebrows bear)

   3) bikini line

 ・Refrain from using when skin condition is as follows

   1) showing any irregularity due to period or sickness

   2) open wounds, rashes, sunburn are present.

 ・Immediately stop using under following condition

   1) If redness, swelling, itchiness, skin discoloration 

     or other irregularities occur during usage, 

     discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.

    Continued usage might worsen the condition.

  Made in Japan
- Safe & secure 

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