1028 Visual Therapy Mont Blanc Eyeshadow

1028 Visual Therapy Mont Blanc Eyeshadow

6 type of color (eyeshadow) , product authentic from Taiwan
Popular in Taiwan

Mont Blanc Eyeshadow :
Starting a journey with French desserts, just like using magic onyour eyes, charming and seet.

1. Luxury and Romantic
2.Silky and long lasting,naturally brighten your eyes.
3.Deep fog green tone is charming

Capacity : 2.1g x 6 

Effect : Colouring 
Made In : Taiwan / Korea 

Matcha Style 
Upper Eyelid : Use B to Smear the corner of your eye to 2/3 . Use F to Rub on the eyelid fold . Use C as eyeliner 
Lower Eyelid : Apply B on the lower 2/3 of eye. Use F to brighten the eye 

Chestnut Style 
1. Use D to create the frame of upper and lower eyeliner 
2. Use E to smear on the middle of upper eyelid and some on the lower eyeliner 
3. Use A to brighten up the middle of the upper eyelid

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