Himawari Special Movie | Kracie

Himawari Special Movie | Kracie

The concept of Kracie’s new line of hair care product is himawari or sunflower which has the power to brighten up our feelings. 
Dear Beaute Himawari is designed to solve the problem of unwanted dry, wavy and unruly hair. Contains premium organic sunflower oil, organic sunflower extract, sunflower seeds extract and sunflower petal extract, in addition to honey and coating oil. 
Fruity fragrance including peach, apple, rose, jasmine, musk and more. 
Non-silicon and contains four types of amino-based washing ingredients. 

Premium sunflower oil EX combination (lipid & water keeping + damage repair + expanse restraint ingredient).
To hair which fixes skewness (undulation, habit, dry feeling) of hair, and opens, and controls, and is gathered up with moisture. 
"Undulation control prescription" to make undulation less noticeable. ・"Damage sensor function" to repair at damaged part intensively. 

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