Koji Eyetalk (How To Use)

Koji Eyetalk (How To Use)

Eyetalk (red in packaging) - suitable for all user
Clear Eyetalk ll (green in packaging) - Suitable for who are sensitive

A liquid-type cosmetic product for beautifully eyelid folds.
A versatile two-way product that can be used as a film or to fix the eyelids in place.
With moisturizing ingredients.
Features & Benefits
Two ways to use
• Use as a film to achieve the look of natural eyelid folds without any fixing of the eyelids with tape
• Simply paint a few layers of the product onto your eyelids to form a clear film that allows the eyelid to be folded up onto itself to create the illusion of eyelid folds
• Entirely different from the fixed-type method, where the eyelid is stuck to itself. This innovative film method ensures there is no pulling sensation around the eye, and you don't have to worry about tell-tale lines when the eye is closed, either
• Since it's a liquid type product, you can place the fold wherever best suits your eye

Fixed-type use
• This product can also be used in the conventional way, by painting onto the eyelid then using the pusher to stick the eyelid to itself to create the illusion of an eyelid fold

Soft and supple liquid
• A soft and supple liquid, perfect for multiple coatings, for repeated coatings
• Beautifully soft, no matter how many layers

Cute and chic bottle
• A pearly pink bottle with a gold cap and pusher
• Indistinguishable from any other make-up product
• Pusher attaches with the bottle, so will never get lost

Moisturising ingredients
• Contains both rosemary extract and camomile extract
• Protects the delicate skin of the eyelid

Dosage/How To Use

How to Use:
1. Remove grease from eyelids. With grease, it is difficult to apply Eye Talk
2. Use the Y-shaped pusher to locate your ideal double eyelid line
3. When the line in confirmed, apply the glue thinly for 4 to 6mm wide with the line in the center. The horizontal width is 2/3 of the eye, in an oval shape. Try narrowing the width when having difficulty in making the double eyelid line
4. After applying, close eyes and wait until the glue is semi-transparent
5. When the glue is semi-transparent, use the Y-shaped pusher to press gently on the eyelid-line and open eye looking upward
6. Use pointed side of the pusher and weave in deeply to adjust the double line from eye corner till the end of the eye

How to remove: 
Wipe gently with wet cotton.
• Be extra careful when apply this glue, and pay extra caution if you're wearing eye contracts
• Consult your doctor if you have any medical condition

Made from Japan