Koji Eyetalk Super Hold (How To Use)

Koji Eyetalk Super Hold (How To Use)
KOJI eye talk 強力定型雙眼皮膠 6ml 附Y型棒

♥ 40%  of people are suffering of "heavy eyelid"  and giving up because they are difficult to make a double line
♥ Easy Clear & high adhesion!
Long lasting to the repulsive power of a  thick and heavy eyelid! The liquid sticking  to adhesive strength can make a sharp, deep  double line with a small amount .
♥ Liquid type- you can  spread the area to be applied to the eyelids  and increase the amount, so you can firmly  adhere.
♥ Made  in Japan

A powerful liquid double eyelid-making cosmetic.
Even users with heavy single eyelids can easily create beautiful difined double eyelids by a simple application and push of the special pusher tool.

●Natural-looking double eyelids
Featuring a natural, comfortable and inconspicuous finish.
Eyelid creases can be positioned to the user's liking, allowing heavier eyelids to have a well-defined finish.

●Powerfully withstands perspiration/moisture to last.
A waterproof formula with excellent adhesive power which will maintain double eyelids for long periods of time.
*Wash twice with facial washing soaps to completely remove the product.

●With a convenient 2-way pusher tool

●Moisturizing ingredients that are mild on the skin
With Chamomile Extract/Hyaluronic Acid/Botanical Ceramides
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