The Secret to Smooth Skin and Smelling Good 💖

The Secret to Smooth Skin and Smelling Good 💖
Kracie Aroma Resort Body Milk and Body Cream

Body cream is an indispensable component of the body care regime, especially in Malaysia. The high temperature and UV lights can dehydrate your skin, no lesser than how cold in winter can dry out your skin.

There is plenty of body lotions out there - no doubt confusing for customers to pick out the perfect one for themselves. I was on that journey too. Thank god I have found my suitable body cream before long. And that is what I will be sharing today, my favorite product to moisturize my skin, Aroma Resort Body Milk !

Aroma Resort is by the well-known Japanese skincare company, Kracie. Its extensive body milk line is enriched with fruit and vegetable essences to soothe and nourish the skin. It also imparts a long-lasting fragrance, elegant yet not too overpowering. 

The vegetable and fruit essence in the lotion is a rich source of Vitamin A, B, and C. Besides, it contains Avocado oil and Jojoba oil, both excellent moisturizing ingredients. 

The series of body milk consists of 4 different scents, Fantastic Berry, Happy Sweet Peach, Fine Apple, and Gardenia, and Dreamy Bloom Rose, with respective moisture content added. 

The consistency of the body milk is just perfect, not very thin and runny. It has good moisturizing power and also spreads smoothly, making the skin remain moisturized and smooth for quite some time after using, best used for normal skin.

For dry skin, no worries - Aroma Resort has you covered with their series of body creams. 

Body Cream and Body Milk mainly differ in the proportion of water and oil. In such a case, body milk has a higher water content while the latter has a higher oil percentage. Body creams are suitable for those with dry skin. And if you have normal skin, body milk is just made for you! 

Same as their series of body milk, it comes with different variants, Lucentia Muguet & Orange and Renew Time Fig & Lily. 

For Lucient Muguet & Orange, orange juice acts as a moisturizing ingredient with a refreshing scent of Suzuran and Orange, a unisex scent that is comfortable to wear.  

As for Renew Time Fig & Lily, it contains Madonna Lily Extract as a moisturizing ingredient. A sweet and fruity scent of figs and lilies. 

The consistency is slightly heavier than body milk, but no worries - it spreads without difficulty. 

It is best to apply the body cream/milk on your knees, back of hands, elbow, and neck, body parts which tend to be dryer than other parts of the body. 

You can apply this lotion directly to wet skin — and it's a game changer

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