Say goodbye to STRAIGHT, SHORT & SPARSE eyelashes!

Say goodbye to STRAIGHT, SHORT & SPARSE eyelashes!
1028 Visual Therapy Waterproof Mascara

No doubt that South Korea and Japan are the bigger players in the beauty industry, but let’s not leave out Taiwan, its recognition has been gradually developing throughout the years. Nowadays, Taiwanese beauty brands could be found in every corner of Asia, such as 1028 Visual Therapy. 

1028 Visual Therapy is one of the prominent brands for makeup in Taiwan with the products having featured several beauty blogs as one of the must-buys in Taiwan. It’s known for the top quality and affordability of its products.

While it has a lot of superb and worthy products, the number one must-buy is its mascara! Their mascara hasn’t only won Taiwan’s @cosme beauty award but is also one of the best-selling mascara in Taiwan, which sells an average of 20,000 every month. Besides, it also has been featured in several beauty talk shows like TVBS Lady First (女人我最大), one of the top beauty and lifestyle magazine show in Taiwan, making it one of the must-haves for Taiwanese women!

1028 Visual Therapy Mascara