a WHOLE-FAMILY body wash!

a WHOLE-FAMILY body wash!
100% plant-based body wash, suitable for the whole family !

All types of body wash do the same thing — dislodge dirt from your skin’s surface. The difference comes in the ingredients, whether it’s skin-friendly or not. 

Undeniably, some body washes in the market tend to be very harsh on the skin, especially for people with sensitive skin, resulting in skin acne, irritation, dry skin, etc. The worst thing is that most of the chemicals in the body wash can be absorbed by the skin and get into your bloodstream, accumulating in different organs. So think about it, how much toxins and chemicals would be in your body after years of using such products.

Nothing is better than the ingredients directly from the earth. Going for something natural and plant-based to use will be much safer for you and the whole family than random promotion products in the market. Today, I’ll be sharing my go-to brand for body wash, Naive. 

Naive is a classic Japanese brand that has been around for 25 years since it’s born, loved by many families for its botanical, rich lather, and refreshing finish, under the concept of “healthy skin for the whole family”. 

The perfect formula is used for the entire family to feel refreshed while enjoying clean, moisturized skin. Naive series of body wash has a nice clean and fresh scent that makes it perfect for both men and women to use. In this manner, there is no need to have different body washes for the men and women in your household. With its formula of 100% plant-based ingredients, it can even be used by children! 

Naive Body Soap 
The cleansing ingredients are formulated to have the perfect balance of foaming quickly yet washing off easily. It deeply moisturizes your skin in the shower so that your skin stays hydrated for hours after you shower. Plus, it has an entire line of body washes with a variety of different scents and uses that anyone can find an option to love

The Peach Leaf Extract one is perfect if you are struggling with acne on the back and chest. Peach Leaf Extract is a moisturizing ingredient that helps to soothe and calm irritated skin and diminish inflammation. It deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving the skin fresh and smooth. The natural and gentle peach scent clings to the skin for quite some time after stepping out of the shower. 

The Aloe Extract body wash is perfect for those who want fresh and refreshing skin. The citrus green scent makes it even refreshing to use, best to use in the hot weather. 

Refresh body soap contains a combination of sea mud, a type of sebum-absorbing ingredient. It washes away sweat and stickiness easily, best for athletes and those who sweat a lot. The scent of grapefruit and lime can also rinse away obnoxious odor, leaving a pleasant and refreshing smell on the skin. 

Relaxing body soap with theanine. Theanine functions as a skin hydrator and helps prevent moisture loss for fresh and supple skin. On the other hand, the scent of soft green floral scent can help calm your mind, a perfect way to destress when taking a shower. 

It’s no doubt that foaming body wash can make for a luxurious bathing experience and make an every day shower feel indulgent. For those foaming body wash lovers out there, naive foaming body wash comes in two variations, Peach Leaf Extract and Moist Type.

Both contain healthy skin ingredients that protect as well as cleans the amino acids of the skin while keeping it moisturized. Besides, with a combination of vegetable amino acids-based cleaning ingredients, it provides a smooth finish on the skin. It also can be easily used by children since there’s no need to whisk and the ingredients are 100% plant-born without artificial colors, mineral oils, parabens, silicones, or sulfates. 

Peach Leaf Extract moisturizes the skin to reach fresh and smooth skin, along with a natural and gentle peach scent. 

The Moist Type contains moisturizing ingredients like Honey Mix and Jojoba Oil, which not only moisturizes but also cleanses dry skin, leaving a gentle honey scent on the skin. 

As Naive‘s brand concept is to achieve healthy skin for the whole family, it provides 100% plant-based ingredients body wash that can be used by babies too! It is additive-free (free from colorants, fragrances, mineral oils, silicons, parabens, alcohol, and sulfate-based surfactant).  

The Pure Foam Body Soap elastic foam feels good on the skin and can be spread easily on the skin. Since it could be rinsed off quickly and easily, it can be used by children on their own, without having to worry about body wash residue on the skin. Besides, considering the ease of use for children, the pump is easy to generate even a small amount of foam. If you want a body wash for your kids that is moisturizing, natural, and foamy, this is definitely the ideal body wash to go for !

Body Wash is one of the products that you use most frequently, investing in a good quality body wash is always a good idea, for yourself and your family. 

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