No more worries about dull skin and odour !

No more worries about dull skin and odour !
Maputi Organic Frgrance Whitening Cream

Are you embarrassed by dark skin around your inner thighs and underarms? Well, you are not alone.

Skin discoloration is a common experience among women around the world, which is caused by various reasons. Having darker underarms, knee caps, and so forth has always been associated with unhygienic, which gives quite a negative impression to people.

Since a young age, women have been going to great lengths to deal with skin discoloration. Undoubtedly, the question that arises in many minds now is about the permanent solution to the issue. 

Today, I’ll be sharing a safe yet affordable product that can solve this problem efficiently! Maputi Organic Whitening Cream! 

Maputi Organic Whitening Cream is specially formulated for delicate zone areas, best for those who are concerned about darkened skin on their thighs, underarm areas, knee cap, elbow, nipples, neck, etc.

The difference between this cream and other products in the market is that it’s formulated with certified organic herbal extracts (certified by ECOCERT) and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, which may irritate your skin. It also contains 11 herbal extracts and organic beauty components like Chamomile Flower and Rosemary Leaf Extract, which play different roles of whitening, antibacterial, and deodorant. 

Besides, this product is free of seven common additives ( alcohol, paraben, artificial coloring, polymer, and silicon ) and the weakly acidic pH value of the cream can inhibit harmful bacteria without irritating the skin, so it’s safe to apply on any area of your body. 

Other than the whitening effect, this cream also works as a fragrance cream. It’s infused with a fresh, fruity, and elegant long-lasting fragrance that combines notes such as vanilla, citrus, peach, and amber among others, giving a luxurious bouquet of scent! 

For quick reference, Maputi Organic Whitening Cream is awarded 1st place in @cosme ranking in the fragrance category. 

It’s milky white and once you open it, you can immediately smell the pleasant fragrance which is not too overpowering, just perfect for our olfactory senses. It absorbs quickly and gives moisture to the skin. 

Apply to the desired area with an adequate amount, depending on the areas you would like to cover. It is best applied after a shower/towel dry. 

Before using, do take note that it’s an organic product, so please don’t expect any instant effect, but you can surely feel your skin moisturized instantly, and it glows after applying the cream. However, whitening effects could be shown in approx a month if it’s used regularly. 

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