Koji Dolly Wink Limited Edition Pencil Eyeliner BK x Pencil Eye Color





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Koji Dolly Wink Limited Edition Pencil Eyeliner BK x Pencil Eye Color

Japan KOJI "Dolly Wink" Pencil Eye Color Cream Eyeliner
-Now Every Girl can Become a Doll - Produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka

  • Use this natural off-white glitter liner, in a cream beige color to impart a natural shine. This helps to re-create the signature Gyaru tear bag look that is watery and doe-eyed. To be used on the corner of the inner eye to make your eyes look bigger, application is made easy with a pen design for greater control.

1. Glitter formulations

For best results skin is getting used to the very fine glitter, clear sense of this pupil. 
You use on the bottom edge Uru in the eyes, lower eyelid wide use puffy boobs ready to tear bag plump!

2. Soft core!

You can draw without putting power to the edge of the eye crayon so soft and delicate.

3. Pencil type

Pencil types with a sense of stability, from soft core also more durable and easy to draw.

4. Waterproof

Long lasting formula, once settled with sweat or water and smudge.

Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner (BLACK) 

Features & Benefits

  • Dry fast!
  • This liner dries fast and no stickiness and smudge proof. Your eyes not like a racoon.
  • Sweat / Water proof.
  • Once draw the line, it lasts for a long time.
  • Soft pencils.
  • This pencil is creamy and smooth as crayon. You can smoothly draw your ideal line.
  • Pencil type
  • This pencil is soft but strong.
  • Moisturizing ingredients, Jojoba oil in.
  • Moisturize and care your skin.
  • Black
  • Deep black line defined your eyes.

Made In Japan
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